5 Reasons to have a Cactus in your home

5 Reasons to have a Cactus in your home
10 October، 2017 Mashtal Team
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Cactus, or Cacti, are some of the most resilient plants in the world. You can find them in the driest places on Earth (like the Sahara Desert) and they come in all sort of shapes and sizes. Cacti are all succulents, which means that they have thickened flesh in order to conserve water and they have lost “true” leaves – their spikes are their highly modified leaves. Here are 5 reasons to have one of these fighters in your home:


  • They’re survivors

They require super little maintenance! As long as you keep them in a sunny place and water them once a week in summer or once a month in winter, they’ll watch you grow old! (they can live for up to 175 years).


  • They’re immortal!

If you need a new cactus plant, just snap off a branch from your old cactus, let it dry for a few days, toss it on a bed of earth and Voilà! The branch will grow a root and become a new cactus. Talk about a real life phoenix.


  • They clean your air

Cactus plants are known to reduce both bacteria and radiation in your home. They’re your free air vacuum cleaners.


  • They’re full of surprises

Did you know? Cactus plants can grow both flowers and fruits (dragonfruit and prickly pear)! Another surprising fact is that no matter where they are on the planet, cactus flowers of the same species bloom at the same time.


  • They’re inspirational

The next time you’re feeling exhausted or in a difficult situation, glance over at your cactus friend and remind yourself that cacti grow in deserts at ridiculous degrees yet they remain tall and evergreen.

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