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Scientific Name: Calathea Crocata.

commonly known as the Eternal Flame due to its yellow flowers, will make a colorful and exotic addition to your home, This beautiful tropical plant that can thrive indoors if you provide the right conditions to it.

Pot Size: 14cm

  • Soil. Eternal flame prefers a soil-based potting compost with a bit of peat moss. The percentage of peat moss in the mix should be around 25%. Keep in mind that the soil should allow for easy drainage of water.
  • Light. It is best to keep your Eternal flame in a bright room but without direct sunlight. It can make the colors on the leaves fade away. Also, this plant doesn’t tolerate direct light so this is something to keep in mind. 
  • Temperature. This plant prefers warmth and high humidity levels. Never keep your Eternal flame in a room that is less than 60 degrees F (16 degrees Celsius) in temperature. Generally speaking, this plant can do well in normal room temperature, but as long as you give it good levels of humidity (see below). Make sure that the room temperature is stable and that there are no sudden temperature changes.
  • Humidity. This plant loves high humidity. This is something you absolutely need to provide. It is best to mist the plant every day. Make sure to use only water that is around the room temperature – never mist with cold water! In case your Eternal flame doesn’t receive enough humidity it will develop brown spots on the leaves. If misting is not enough consider investing in a humidifier: this will help your plant a lot.
  • Watering. These plants love an even amount of water. This is why regular watering is so important. It is particularly vital to provide your Eternal flame with enough water during the hot summer months. Sometimes, the amount of watering needed will depend on the type of compost you use. During the winter you may water a little less.
  • Fertilizing. Your Eternal flame plant needs to be fertilized regularly. Provide it with a standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks during the growing period. Stop fertilizing during the winter months.


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