Gardening Tools Set (5 Pieces)

مجموعه أدوات بستنه (5 قطعه)


the set consists of:

- trowel

- secateurs

- 1 l sprayer

- pruning saw

- propagation tray

رمز المنتج (SKU) gardening-tools-set-5p

وصف المنتج

We have made an excellent combination of the essential gardening tools which make planting easy and fun. The set consists of: - Trowel: It is indispensable for weeding, planting young plants and bulbs and small digging jobs. Trowels are ideal for heavy clay soils. - Secateurs: It is essential for many cutting jobs. - 1 L sprayer: Sure you will need the sprayer in your daily gardening jobs. - Pruning saw: It is very useful for cutting small branches. - Propagation tray: Great for starting seeds.

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