Insects Repellent Plants Set (6 Pieces)

مجموعة نباتات طارده للحشرات (6 قطع)


keep insects away and enjoy the pleasant scent comes from your beautiful plants!

the set consists of:

- herbs: lavender (12cm) / rosemary (20cm) / mint (14cm)

- ornamental plants: 3 pieces of marigold (10cm), or 3 pieces of petunia (10cm), or 3 pieces of garden mum (10cm), or 3 pieces of treasure flower (10cm), this depends on seasonality.

غير متوفر في المخزون

رمز المنتج (SKU) insects-repellent-set-6p

Plant characteristics can be found on the corresponding page for each plant of this set.

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