Pre-potted Ornamental Kale Trough

حوض كرنب الزينة المزروع مسبقاً


beautify your home from the inside and the outside now with our pre-potted troughs.  each trough comes with a collections of beautiful ornamental kales and a hanger to effortlessly install on your window sill.

  • the set can be one color or mixed colors.

  • the trough is delivered with a metal hanger.

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خصائص النبات

Scientific Name: Brassica Oleracea Brassica Oleracea is a very beautiful flowering plant. It has open rosettes (rather than closed heads) of large, fleshy, waxy leaves. Ornamental kales bear many-leaved, chrysanthemum-like rosettes on short stem. Plants may produce sprays of four-petaled lemon yellow flowers on tall stems in spring or summer. Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Sun Soil: Loam, sand Water: Moderate Growth Rate: Fast Flowering Period: Spring, late spring, early summer Flower Color: Yellow Flower Scent: Fragrant Fruit Color: Brown Country of origin: Europe, Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Northern Africa Habit: Annual Gardening tips: Fertilize ornamental kale during the growing season, starting at planting time. Use a balanced fertilizer. Reapply the fertilizer once a month until your plants reach their mature size. Cut off flower stems as soon as they appear. Things You Will Need: - Fertilizer (Visit Fertilizer) - Rake (Visit Rakes) - Cutters (Visit Trimmers And Cutters) - Garden hose (Visit Hoses and Hose Trolleys)

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