Pre-potted Snake Plant

‫نبات الثعبان مزروع في قصرية


snake plant is one of the plants that can remove toxins from the air around you, add a touch of style to your space, and transform it into a more peaceful and comfy place!

this product includes:
snake plant potted in a black glazed pot
رمز المنتج (SKU) prepotted-snake-glazed

خصائص النبات

Scientific Name: Sansevieria Trifasciata It's a popular houseplant that has erect, spear-like leaves which stand rigidly upright. They occasionally bloom, sending forth small, greenish-white, fragrant flowers. The leaves are silver-gray, gold-edged with dark green cross-bands. It is also a good bedroom plant as it releases oxygen and absorbs CO2 and helps you to breath healthy during sleeping. Other Common Names: Good Luck Plant, Mother-in-law's Tongue Sunlight: Partial Sun, Partial Shade Soil: Loam, Sand Water: Moderate, Low Growth Rate: Medium Flower Color: White, Green Flower Scent: Fragrant Fruit Color: Orange Country of origin: Western Africa Gardening tips: Any flowers should be removed as they release a sticky, honey-like substance. Water sparingly. Let the soil dry between waterings. Give a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer about once a month. (Visit Fertilizer section to get yours!).

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