How to Force Spring Blossoms indoors When its Cold Outside

How to Force Spring Blossoms indoors When its Cold Outside
21 December، 2017 Mashtal Team
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There’s no better way to brighten up a dreary winter day than with a basket of bright flowers, or a vase of fragrant branches.

It’s especially gratifying when you cultivate them yourself in the dead of winter, with a process called “forcing.”


To force the blooming process is to imitate what nature does outside, by doing it inside.

This means re-creating the cold of winter, the warmth of spring, and the rain that falls, to coax flowers to open before they would normally.

Coaxing indoor blooming is a favorite pastime of gardeners who find it difficult to wait for the ground to thaw and outdoor gardening to resume.

I’m one of them.

My least favorite time of year is the middle of winter, when the skies are gray and the wind is fierce.

That’s when I look longingly out the windows to my frozen garden, and count the days ‘til spring. And that’s when I think about my dad.

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  1. sarahahmed590 1 year ago

    Do you have Tulip bulbs as in the pictures?

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