Buddhist Pine (Podocarpus Bonsai)
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Buddhist Pine (Podocarpus Bonsai)


Scientific Name: Podocarpus macrophyllus

A rather slow growing evergreen, very common for Bonsai trees, Easy to care for as well.

Also known as Chinese Yew, The Podocarpus is a dense evergreen with pointed, leathery, dark green leaves arranged on stiff, symmetrical branches. New foliage appears light green in color that turns darker with age. a rather slow growing evergreen, very common for Bonsai trees. Easy to care for as well.

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Height: 15 – 35 cm.

Plant Type: Indoor Plant.

Watering: Water regularly, the tree doesn’t like drought.

Feeding: Every two weeks in the growth season, when kept indoors also feed during the winter, though with smaller quantities and less frequent.

Pruning: Pruning can be done year round. Regular pruning will result in a dense foliage.

Repotting: Once every 2-3 years, be careful not to disturb the root-system too much. The Podocarpus Bonsai prefers slightly acidic soil.

Propagation: Use cuttings in summer.

Bonsais require quite a bit of care you might find these information useful:

Watering: Keep the tree moist, as it doesn’t like droughts. But be careful not to water too often because it doesn’t like soil wetness either. As soon as the soil surface gets dry the tree needs to be watered generously but it must not be left standing in excess water.

Feeding: Solid organic fertilizer is appropriate for the Fukien Tea Bonsai because its roots are sensitive. Liquid fertilizers can also be used in carefully measured dosage and only on moist soil. Feed the tree well from spring to autumn following the directions for use, but in winter less often.

Pruning: The Fukien tree can take pruning quite well and regular trimming will make the tree grow a dense branch structure. Young shoots are tender and flexible so that they are easy to trim or wire. Mature twigs and branches are hard and brittle, so use appropriate tools for pruning and be careful when you want to wire and bend them.

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