Pre-potted Dracaena Janet - Piccoli

pre-potted dracaena janet - piccoli


Office plants can remove toxins from the air around you, add a touch of style to your space, and transform your workspace into a more peaceful, tranquil and engaging place!

This product includes:
Dracaena Janet potted in a Piccoli “Kenzi” pot.
Pot dimensions: Height: 26cm – out: 35cm – in: 27cm.

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Plant Characteristics

"Scientific Name: Ceiba Pentandra Impressive in size and muscular in form. The kapok has fragrant dull white flowers in late winter that produces pods filled with cottony fibers once used for stuffing life jackets, furniture and pillows. The smooth gray bark of this monstrous plant puts elephants and the largest of dinosaurs to shame. With ages the trunk becomes magnificently buttressed. In late winter and early spring, while the tree is barren of leaves, the green-gray branches bear five-petaled, waxy, creamy white to light yellow flowers that smell of milk. First opening at night. The boat-shaped fruits that form thereafter are first green and ripen to a felty dark brown, splitting open to reveal the white cotton fiber balls (the "kapok") surrounding the black seeds. -Max. Height: 61M -Max. Width: 27.4M * The product image above is a generic image of this product. Delivered product may not be identical to the product image on this page."

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