gardening tools set (11 pieces)


The set consists of:

- Trowel

- Secateurs

- 1 L Sprayer

- Pruning saw

- Propagation tray

- Wheelbarrow

- Garden rake

- Multi-purpose axe

- Garden hose (15m)

- Grass shears

- Bucket

SKU gardening-tools-set-11p

Product Description

We have made an excellent combination of the essential gardening tools which make planting easy and fun. The set consists of: - Trowel: It is indispensable for weeding, planting young plants and bulbs and small digging jobs. Trowels are ideal for heavy clay soils. - Secateurs: It is essential for many cutting jobs. - Sprayer: Sure you will need the sprayer in your daily gardening jobs. - Pruning saw: It is very useful for cutting small branches. - Propagation tray: Great for starting seeds. - Wheelbarrow: makes it easy to haul everything from rolls of sod to mulch to your fall pumpkin harvest. - Garden rake: Perfect for cleaning patios and garden paths. (Handle not included). - Multi-purpose axe: A premium quality multi purpose axe. - Garden hose: A lightweight, high-quality hose that will be easy to carry and will last for years and years. - Grass shears: Used for trimming long grass and small hedges, and for cutting back herbaceous perennials. - Bucket: A multi purpose bucket.

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