SuperBio fertilizer is used as a source of organic acids when dissolved in the soil, which in turn helps to increase the utilization of the plant to some of the insoluble elements like phosphorus and iron, Also the addition of SuperBio compost  to sandy soil increases soil cohesion, reduces the loss of water, increases water retention, increases soil fertility and provides existing crops with nutrient requirements, while it plays an important role in the decomposition and sedimentation of clay soils. Also helps to overcome the problems of calcareous and alkaline soils and enhances their natural properties.

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How to use SuperBio? – In the case of intensive agriculture, SuperBio is added by hand or by fertilizer dispersal trailers, and it shouldn't be exposed to sun, but directly mixed with surface layer of the soil through plowing and processing. – In the case of growing vegetables on the terraces, spread fertilizer and mix it well with soil. – If the compost is used to prepare a hole, the compost is mixed with the soil resulted from digging it and then returned to the hole again, and then seedlings are planted, this method helps the spreading of roots – SuperBio compost is mixed with soil or peat moss in the case of ornamental plants and green areas.

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