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5 products

  • تبدأ من 149.00ج.م

    ميجوس خلطة القصاري

    Miegos Potting Soil is an enriched potting mix made with care to take organic agriculture to a whole new level. The first of its kind in Egypt to be mass-produced and ready-to-use out of the box without further additions.
    تبدأ من 149.00ج.م
    تبدأ من 149.00ج.م
  • تبدأ من 99.00ج.م

    ميجوس كومبوست أورجانيك

    Compost for all uses and especially best for before planting.

    Made of organic agricultural waste. Rich in micro and macronutrients, nitrogen, carbon, humic acids, and useful bacteria.

    تبدأ من 99.00ج.م
    تبدأ من 99.00ج.م
  • 159.00ج.م

    ميجوس فيرمي كومبوست

    Vermi to enrich soil, stimulate plant growth, & repair damaged plants.

    Made of animal and plant waste digested by Red wiggler worms, Tiger worms, and African worms.

    Size: 4KG.
  • 99.00ج.م

    ميجوس نباتي

    Premium Compost. 100% Nabati from Miegos.
    Nabati compost is for improving seed growth and soil salinity. Made of 100% plant waste composted to be rich in organic matter with added Humic acid.
    It shows quick results on green Lawns, nurseries & sports turfs.
    Weight: 4Kg
  • 199.00ج.م

    Miegos Compost Tea

    Compost tea is a great fertiliser for your indoor and outdoor plants. This premium compost tea comes in 10 fabric bags that are ready to soak in water. Use once a month during Spring and Summer.