5 products .

5 products

  • devine off white
    devine off white
    تبدأ من 515.00ج.م

    Devine Pot

    This lovely simple design from TOVA comes in different colours and sizes. Makes a great addition to any home or business space.
    تبدأ من 515.00ج.م
    تبدأ من 515.00ج.م
  • 2,500.00ج.م

    Semi Cylinder Fiber Pot

    Made out of durable fiber glass that is waterproof and light weight. Perfect for modern living spaces or offices.
  • Doodle Yellow Pot

    Bright yellow pot with white and black lines
  • Chinese Pattern Pot

    White Pot with chinese like figures to give an abstract touch for every setting
  • Black And White Pot

    Half black medium pot with a black and white strips