cape honeysuckle


tecomaria, also known as cape honeysuckle is a fast-growing shrub commonly planted for screening and decorative purposes, and can also be trimmed to form a hedge.
it is a beautiful evergreen but can shed a few leaves in cold weather.

at the outset, tecomaria is an eye-relieving shrub that gives out a relaxing and cozy feeling due to its warm and vibrant colors. gradient from scarlet - red to orange and yellow colors.
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التربةتربة طميية
الإسم العلميTecomaria Capensis
دورة النمودائم الخضرة
لون الزهرRed, Yellow
رائحة الزهرغير معطر
سرعة النمومتوسط
الموطنجنوب افريقيا

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