Miegos Biochar

ميجوس بيوشار


new & groundbreaking, introducing miegos biochar.

biochar is charcoal used as a soil amendment. it is stable, solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for years. the first of its kind in egypt to be mass-produced.

size: 8 litres.
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"Benefits: 1. Healthier soil. 2. Improves drought resistance. 3. Increases plant productivity. 4. Increases nutrients availability in the soil. Usage: Top dressing: simply sprinkle your charged biochar on top of the soil and wet it. This is most effective if you layer the top of your soil with a compost and biochar mix. It is also common for gardeners to build up their soil fertility over time by adding an 80% compost and 20% biochar mix to the top of their soil, as required. Tilling: the conventional way to work soil amendments in is to use a tiller and mix it right into the soil. Hand mix: if you are planting in pots, feel free to work the biochar around in your soil with your hands or a small rake."

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