mother's day set (14 pieces)


thank your mom for all the sacrifices she's made and send her a beautiful and unique mothers day plant set!

place your order now and we'll deliver it to her doorstep.

the set includes 13 plants & 1 spray bottle:

  • herbs: rosemary -14cm / basil - 14cm / lemongrass - 14cm / mint - 14cm


  • air purifying plants: snake plant - 14cm / spider plant - 12cm / areca palm - 30cm / gardenia - 14cm


  • ornamental plants: coleus - 20cm / lipstick plant -14cm / campfire - 12cm / tree aeonium -14cm


  • fruit tree: eureka lemon


  • 1l spray bottle

غير متوفر في المخزون

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Plant characteristics can be found on the corresponding page for each plant of this set.

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