Flowering Plants for Sunny Balconies

Flowering Plants for Sunny Balconies
September 24, 2021 msheErjfne

Balconies can be the most enjoyable spaces of our homes. Now you can elevate them with the addition of flowering plants.

Here are four flowering plants that are great for your sunny balcony.

NO. 1

The Rangoon Creeper

The Rangoon Creeper makes a perfect addition to your balcony. Their flower color changes from white to pink to red as it reaches maturity. They also leave a very lively fragrance that you will surely enjoy.

They like to be watered regularly so do not let them dry too much.


NO. 2

Arabian Jasmine

This tropical delight is a real treasure in the balcony, their dark green leaves are visually appealing and their high fragrant flowers will take you on an exotic journey.

Arabian Jasmines are also climbers! With the right support, they can give your balcony rails or walls a green wall effect.

They like moist soil, so water when the first 5 cm of the soil is dry.


NO. 3

Scarlet Bush

Also known as Fire Bush, it blooms striking red flowers that will definitely add a vibrant effect to your balcony. It is also drought tolerant, so make sure not to over water it.

Starts from EGP95.00

NO. 4


The Bougainvilleas are blooming queens! Their flowers come in a variety of colors to match the kind of ambiance you are looking for in your balcony.

Bougainvilleas like infrequent deep waterings. And they bloom a lot more if they are left to get thirsty.

Starts from EGP220.00