Peat Moss


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    German Peat Moss

    Made in: Germany Features: - It is a highly absorbent material. It can retain water much better than other types of soils. This is a great agent to include in your garden soil. - Sterile medium. Peat Moss provides a sterile medium, which is ideal for planting and growing your plants. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, weed seeds and other bad thing you don't want for your plants. This is why peat moss is ideal starting medium, particularly for tender, vulnerable plants that require a lot of care. This is why it's a good practice to add a bit of peat moss to any starting mix. - Acidic pH features. Peat Moss is slightly acidic, which means it is great for acid-loving plants. There are many plants you may wish to grow that require slightly acidic soil, such as camellias and blueberries. If your garden soil is not acidic, add a bit of peat moss to make your acid-loving plants thrive. - Compaction prevention. Peat Moss is not compact, which is a great advantage over other organic materials. It is important to prevent soil compaction because such soil becomes less useful. Compaction reduces water absorption and doesn't provide a good medium for any plants to grow. Peat Moss is great because it can easy be re-hydrated and even one application prevents soil compaction for years.
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    Peat Moss - Bricks

    Made in: Sri Lanka Technical Specifications: - Ph: 5.4 to 6.8 - Dimensions: 30cm X 30cm X 13cm - Compressed bricks are easy to handle & store