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  • EGP115.00

    Compost `Nile Compost - Ecaru`

    Specifications: - Type: Vegan-organic compost - Humidity: 20 % - PH value: 7.24 - Total Nitrogen: 1.41 % - Organic matter: 41 %
  • EGP79.00

    Miegos Vermi Compost

    Active & Earthly, High-quality Vermicompost from Miegos.
    Miegos vermicompost is an organic fertilizer that's rich with organic matter and enzymes (i.e Amylase enzymes, Lipase enzymes, Glycolytic digestive enzymes, and Protease enzymes).
    Made of animal and plant waste digested by Red wiggler worms, Tiger worms, and African worms.
    Size: 4KG.
  • From EGP33.00

    Miegos Organic Compost

    Miegos is made of organic agricultural waste. Processed and composted to be rich in micro & macronutrients, nitrogen, carbon, humic acids, and useful bacteria.
    From EGP33.00
    From EGP33.00
  • EGP39.00

    Miegos Nabati

    Premium Compost. 100% Nabati from Miegos.
    Miegos Nabati is made of 100% plant waste composted to be rich in organic matter. With
    added Humic acid for improving seed growth & soil salinity. Used in all kinds of agriculture. It
    shows quick results on green Lawns, nurseries & sports turfs.
    * Weight: 4Kg.
  • EGP69.00

    Miegos Biochar

    New & Groundbreaking, Introducing Miegos Biochar.

    Biochar is charcoal used as a soil amendment. It is stable, solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for years. The first of its kind in Egypt to be mass-produced. Size: 8 litres.