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  • EGP265.00

    Pothos Njoy

    From the Pothos family comes the Njoy, with its beautiful marbled leaves. Loves indirect light as well as partial shade. It can be easily grown indoors in hanging baskets or used in potted arrangements as a climber. Comes in a hanging brown pot.
  • EGP330.00

    Ficus Curly

    Look at those curls! Curly is a particularly fun ficus that has green and wavy leaves.  
  • Zanzibar Gem Raven

    The Raven is a stunning variation of the normal Zanzibar Gem with waxy, almost all-black leaves. A rare plant with extraordinary elegance and a magnificent aura! Note: Featured is a decorative pot that can be purchased separately.  
  • EGP220.00

    Alocasia Zebrina

    A very rare plant to find in nature, Alocasia Zebrina is known for its zebra-painted stem and uniquely shaped leaves typical in this family. This is truly a one-of-a-kind plant to grow!