Our Fall & Winter Guide for Your Plants

Our Fall & Winter Guide for Your Plants
October 16, 2022 Nour ElShall

Now that Fall & Winter are just around the corner, it is time to get your houseplants settled and prepared for the chilly breeze! Here is our guide on how to keep your houseplants happy in the cold seasons.

Keep Your Plants Warm 

We appreciate the chilly breeze, but your plants might not! Try to keep them settled in a warm spot that gets a lot of sunlight so they can keep growing happily. You can also group them together for warmth.

Note:Keep them away from any heat radiators as they will effect the soil of the plant by making it dry quicker and can cause the plant to wilt.

Rotate towards the light 

As the day is getting shorter, your plants will need all the light they can get. Make sure to rotate your plant every 2 weeks towards the light to make sure it can grow evenly from all sides. 

You can also check our visual guide on rotating your plant on our Instagram!

Start watering less. 

Your houseplants won’t need as much watering as they did in spring and summer. You will need to start watering less and always check the soil first and water when most of the soil has dried out.

It will also differ with each kind of plant. Succulents and Cacti will need very minimal watering, so you can water them when all the soil has gone dry. 

As for other tropical houseplants, you can pause on the watering till the top 7cm of the soil has dried.

Pause Fertilizing 

Now that your plants are resting, It's best to avoid feeding them during these months as it can stress them out and might eventually burn their leaves and roots .

You can start fertilizing in the growing seasons - Spring & Summer-  When the plants are waking up and ready to grow! 

You can also know about the different kinds of fertilizers and organic composts you can use in our Fertilizing Plants guide. 


Clean Your Plants 

Your plants can start collecting dust on their leaves, which won’t allow them to get all the light they need. Make 

sure to wipe any accumulated dust on your plants so they can take all the light possible.

You can wipe your plants with a mixture of Castile Soap and Neem Oil to prevent any pests or bugs getting  attached to your plants and also to keep their leaves looking shiny and healthy!

Check out our guide on the different ways you can use Castile Soap and Neem Oil for your plants.

Normalize Leaf Drop

If you notice your plant dropping some leaves, you don’t have to worry!

As your plants adapt to the change in seasons, they might lose a couple of leaves in the process, and that’s normal. 

Now you can enjoy the chilly weather and hot cocoa with your plants with no worries!