Your Guide Around Pots

Your Guide Around Pots
November 22, 2022 Nour ElShall

Pot shopping is an inevitable part that comes with plant shopping, but it doesn't have to be hard! In this guide we will help you understand the difference between pot sizes and how picking the right size can affect your plant’s health. 


So you got a new plant - congratulations !!-  and you are wondering if you should change the pot and if so, what size you should get? 

Usually you don't need to repot your plant in a new pot as it already should be in the right pot size and in the right soil. You only need to re-pot every 6 months to a year when the plant starts outgrowing its pot.


However that is not always the case. Here are two reasons why you should re-pot your plant right after adopting it. 

The pot is in a bad condition 

If you received your plant in a broken or a poor quality pot, it’s better to repot it in a new pot to avoid any damages that can happen to the roots. Also a broken pot can keep spilling soil which will mess up your place. 

The soil is not suitable for the plant

Some garden centers can use a cheaper soil that doesn’t contain much nutrients for the plant. However, the plant can continue to live in it but won't thrive and grow. If you are not sure of the quality of soil, it is better to re-pot your plant. 


Now that you have had your plant for 6 months to a year and it is growing, it is time to re-pot!

Here are the signs your plant will give you when it is outgrowing its pot. 


Exposed Roots

If you notice your plant's roots are coming out of the pot’s drainage holes, that is a clear sign that it is looking for more s

pace and needs a bigger pot.

You can also find the roots showing on the surface of the soil.

The Plant Stopped Growing

When your plant is not growing at its usual pace or stopped growing altogether, then it is time to re-pot in a bigger pot and fresh soil!

Root Bound 

You can also know by removing your plant from the pot and checking on the roots. If they are bound in a tight circle at the bottom, then you should re-pot in a bigger pot.


If you notice one of these signs, then it is time to get messy and repot your plant! It is a fun process that we are sure you will enjoy. 

What pot size should you get?

You might be tempted to get a much bigger pot than the one your plant is in to accommodate the new growth, we would definitely advise against that! 

Getting a much bigger pot will lead to adding more soil which will hold on to much more water than the plant needs! This will lead to root rot and chances are that your plant will not make it. 


If you get a pot size smaller than your plant, it won't have enough nutrients and the soil will keep drying very quickly.

The rule is to get a pot that is 2-5 cm bigger in diameter than the old pot. This way your plant will have more room to grow and won’t be shocked by the extra space and water.


So to clarify, if your current pot is 20 cm in diameter, you need to go for a pot that is around 22 to 25 cm maximum.



How does the size of the plant and pot size relate? 

Plants and pots go hand in hand. Whenever you are talking about a plant, a pot size needs to follow. The bigger the plant the more space it will need hence a bigger pot! 

Different Pot Types

Your plant shopping will lead you to discover a wide variety of different types of pots. The most common ones are made of plastic or clay. Here’s the pros and cons of each! 

Plastic Pots


Plastic pots are lightweight, which makes them perfect for your home as they will be easy to move and change their places if needed.

Also the plastic material doesn’t hold the moisture in the soil, making it very suitable for succulents and cacti.


You can check out our collection of plastic pots on our website.

Clay Pots

Clay pots are great to repot your plants in as they provide the perfect environment.The porosity of clay allows air and moisture to access the roots, allowing them to breathe.

They are heavier than plastic, which makes them more stable and suitable for outdoor spaces, as they wont get blown by the wind.


You can check out our collection of clay pots on our website.



It might feel overwhelming, we went through this too! but once you get your hands dirty you will figure it out easily. You got this