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Scientific Name: Aloe Vera
True aloe is an outstanding ornamental succulent that is cultivated outdoors, and indoors as a potted plant for sunny exposures. This clump forming succulent plant produces rigid upright rosettes of light green, thick, lance-like leaves edged with tiny yellow teeth. If broken, they emit a mucilaginous gel that is traditionally used as a topical skin treatment for rashes and burns. Rosettes produce offsets freely developing into large clumps over time.
-Max. Height: 0.6 m
-Max. Width: 0.9 m

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  • Each Plant comes in a plain black plastic pot with its saucer, For more pots varieties please check our Pots & Planters section.

Other Common Names: Barbados Aloe
Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
Water: Moderate, Low
Soil: A well-drained soil mix, Sand
Flowering Period: Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Late Winter
Country of Origin: Northern Africa
Habit: Perennial
Gardening Tips: Prune only to remove wayward, dead, diseased, or top-heavy growth. Use pruning saws and loppers for moderate work, and a chainsaw for heavy work (open Tools & Equipments section).

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