baby rubber plant


Peperomias are popular House Plants due to their attractively patterned leaves and tolerance to low light levels. These generally succulent plants tend to have fleshy leaves and stout stems. They also used as climbers to give a great appearance. The flowers of Peperomia are minute and packed tightly on slender or cone-shaped spikes.
Each Plant comes in a brick red Khorshid hanging pot, For more pots varieties please check our Pots & Planters section.
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  • indirect sunlight
  • low
  • moderately

SoilPotting Mix
Scientific NamePeperomia Peperomia
Growth CycleSemi Deciduous
Habit TypePlant, House Plant
Flower ColorGray
AromaNot Scented
Growth RateFast
HabitatCaribbean, South America

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