Golden Pothos
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Golden Pothos


Scientific Name: Epipremnum Aureum
The quintessential houseplant, pothos vine shows off green or variegated heart-shaped leaves that tolerate a wide range of light conditions and soils. Pothos is an evergreen climbing vine easily grown indoors in hanging baskets or used in potted arrangements. Golden pothos also plays a great role in air purifying.
– Max. Height: 15.2 m

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Other Common Names: Devil’s Ivy
Sunlight: Semi-shade to shade
Water: Moderate
Soil: Loam, Sand
Growth Rate: Very Fast
Flower Color: White, Green
Fruit Color: Red, Green, Orange
Country of origin: Southeastern Asia, Melanesia, Australia
Gardening tips: Basic pothos care is very easy. They are an excellent plant for busy people, non-plant people, even for black thumbs. And they’re excellent plants for places like offices and dorm rooms. Pothos aren’t heavy feeders, but since there are no nutrients in most potting soils, feed monthly to bi-monthly, with any balanced houseplant fertilizer. (Shop at Fertilizer section). No pruning is required for the golden pothos, but it can be done to shape or control the size of your plant.

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14 cm, 20 cm, Stick – 60 cm Tall, Stick H: 120cm – pot: 40cm, Stick H: 80cm – Pot: 30cm


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