lucky bamboo


Lucky Bamboo is a plant that is well-known for bringing good luck. Lucky Bamboo is very easy to grow and adds to enhance the décor of your home. The Lucky Bamboo is not a Bamboo plant at all. It grows well in a vase filled with pebbles with just an inch of water above the pebbles. You can add a drop of liquid fertilizer once a week to encourage growth. It can also grow in well aerated potted soil. It needs clean water.The water should be changed once in every two weeks.

*Price included is per one stalk.

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Plant Characteristics

Other Common Names: Curly Bamboo, Chinese Water Bamboo, Friendship Bamboo, Goddess of Mercy Plant and Ribbon plant Sunlight: Partial Sun, partial shade, Full Shade Water: High, Moderate Soil: Loam, Sand Country of Origin: Western Africa Gardening Tips: It's not a good idea to cut the main stalk of a lucky bamboo. Instead, cut the offshoots with sterile snippers. You can trim offshoots back to within an inch or two of the main stem. New shoots will soon emerge, and the resulting plant will be bushier. To discourage new growth, dip the cut end in paraffin. If you want to change its shape dramatically, you can cut a whole offshoot flush against the main stalk. A tan scar will result, and new shoots may or may not emerge from the cut. Don't throw the trimmings away, as they can be used to propagate new lucky bamboo plants.

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