nerve plant


Vibrant green foliage with ornate netting and white veins lend delicate beauty to this coveted tropical groundcover. Each small, rounded, oval leaf is medium to dark green and intricately laced with thin, white veins. Cultivars often have leaf veins that are blushed in shades of pink, red or peach. The dense leaves are opposite to each other on the stems, which give the plant a tidy, geometrical look. Insignificant flowers occasionally appear, usually in the warm season, and range in color from white to red.
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  • indirect sunlight
  • medium
  • frequently

Scientific NameFittonia Albivenis
Growth CycleEvergreen
Habit TypeTrees
Flower ColorWhite, Magenta
Growth RateFast
HabitatColombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Northern Brazil

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