pre-potted asparagus fern trough

From EGP245.00

Beautify your home from the outside now with our pre-potted troughs.  Each trough comes with a collections of beautiful Asparagus Ferns and a hanger to effortlessly install on your window sill.

  • The trough is delivered with a metal hanger.

Plant Characteristics

Scientific Name: Asparagus Fern No doubt that your garden is more beautiful with the addition of the asparagus fern. It is an evergreen, vining perennial that is not a fern at all, but a member of the lily family. It is a very popular House Plant. This resilient plant has fine twining stems and develops a vine-like in habit when mature. Its fine, fluffy foliage is ferny and soft in texture. It develops small, single, white nodding flowers in summer at the joint between stem and leaf. These mature into berry-like fruits that turn from orange-red to purple-black.

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