pre-potted spider & crown of thorns trough


Beautify your home from the inside and the outside now with our pre-potted troughs.  Each trough comes with a collections of beautiful Spiders & Crown of Thorns along with a hanger to effortlessly install on your window sill.

  • The trough is delivered with a metal hanger, Troughs - 20*80cm

Plant Characteristics

Crown of Thorns Scientific Name: Euphorbia Milii This thorny plant has some of the showiest flowers of all the Euphorbias. Crown-of-thorns is a tropical, succulent shrub that stays evergreen year-round where hardy. From spring to late summer it produces many flowers with two showy bracts that are most typically scarlet red. Spider Plant Scientific Name: Chlorophytum Comosum Probably the most popular houseplant of all time, spider plant produces a spreading clump of broad, arching, green blades. It is typically grown as a hanging basket specimen because it produces long, pendulous, wiry stems with lots of spidery plantlets at the tips, hence the common name. When actively growing, spider plant produces clusters of small, single white flowers. The fruits that follow are triangular, three-celled capsules filled with several large, black seeds. This is one easy to grow plant.  

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