shaded terrace set (8 plants)


Who said that you can't enjoy greenery if you don't have a sunny terrace? Shaded terraces can have as just beautiful plants as sunny ones!

This set has perfect options for your shaded terrace, it consists of:

  • Monstera Deliciosa (Pot size: 40cm)

  • Alii Fig (Pot size: 40cm)

  • Brazil Raintree (Pot size: 35cm)

  • Plumbago (Pot size: 30cm)

  • Good Luck Tree (Pot size: 30cm)

  • Umbrella Tree (Pot size: 30cm)

  • Flaming Glowrybower (Pot size: 25cm)

  • Grape Ivy (Pot size: 14cm)

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Plant characteristics can be found on the corresponding page for each plant of this set.

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