string of pearls

Scientific name: Senecio rowleyanus

If you're looking for an easy succulent to grow indoors, opt for the string of pearls (also known as string-of-beads) plant.

In addition to its carefree growth habit, this interesting houseplant can provide a unique focal point in the home,Sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets, the string of beads plant resembles a beaded necklace with its fleshy green, pea-like foliage.

Hanger size: 14cm, Average height: 25cm

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  • full sun
  • low
  • moderately

Scientific NameSenecio Rowleyanus
Growth CycleEvergreen
Habit TypeCacti and Succulents
Flower ColorWhite, Purple
Growth RateFast
HabitatSouth Africa

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