traveller's palm

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The traveller's tree is an exceptional, large, tropical plant. It is a unique plant. The thick, unbranched, palm-like stem is topped by a flat-planed, fan-shaped crown of leathery, banana-like green leaves. The base of the leaf stems features a near perfect chevron pattern, this plant's most valued feature. Water often collects in these leaf bases, reputed to quench the thirst of jungle travellers. Although this plant is called a palm; it is not a true palm. It has small white flowers. Traveller's tree does not bloom until near maturity when it produces spathes, which are semi-woody enclosures and stems for the soft white flowers.

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Scientific NameRavenala Madagascariensis
Growth CycleEvergreen
Habit TypeTrees
Flower ColorWhite
AromaNot Scented
Growth RateModerate

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