Plants In The Office Space

Plants In The Office Space
November 15, 2022 Nour ElShall

“Plants in the workplace can increase productivity because they are nature itself, and bringing nature into a technological environment like the office can greatly affect in a positive way the individuals around it," explained Sandeep Kumar Aggarwal, CEO of SKAOLOGY. 


Do you ever wonder why you feel more productive and focused when you are surrounded by plants? Here is why! 

Studies have also shown that adding plants can have major positive benefits for employees and their organizations. The same goes for remote or home workers, too!

Here are three reasons why you need to add plants to your office space! 

They Reduce Stress

Psychologists argue that the color green helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Also adding an element of nature like plants will help generate a calming effect on people in the space. 

They Have Air Purifying Abilities 

Some plants like the Snake plants, Peace Lilies, and Spider plants are known to have great air purifying abilities, reduce toxins in the air and are very easy to take care of. That makes them very suitable for your office space.

They Increase Your Productivity

Employees perform better when plants are in their workspaces. It has been discovered that workers are 15% more productive when there are houseplants around. Employees who are more connected with their environment deliver more and have an easier time remaining focused.


Ready to fill your office with plants? You can have your own indoor garden if your office is filled with natural light. If your office does not get a lot of light, no problem!

Here are our top recommendations for the best plants to thrive in low-light office spaces.

Spider Plants

Spider Plants can add a tropical look to your office. You can place them on a shelf, desk, or even hang them!

Place them in bright indirect light, best next to a window that gets a sufficient amount of light, and watch them thrive.


Sansevieria Plants

Sansevieria plants are one of the most resilient plants you can get as they thrive with very little care. They are also known for their air-purifying abilities. Not only do they release oxygen during the day, but at night as well!

They can adapt to any light conditions, but they will thrive and grow in bright indirect light.


Into the classics? Go with a Pothos! 

Pothos makes a great hanging plant that you can also train on a trellis to give a lush green look. 

Place it in medium to bright indirect light.


The list goes on for plants that will thrive in office spaces! The golden tip is finding the right plant for the light you have.


Interested in more options? Check out our Office Plants Sets and our full plant catalog on our website