mistletoe cactus (rhipsalis)


Rhipsalis mistletoe cactus is also called chain cactus and grows epiphytically in its tropical forest home. The cactus has pencil thin succulent stems that may reach 6 feet in length. The thick skin of the stems does not produce thorns, but it does have almost imperceptible bumps on the surface of the plant.

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  • indirect sunlight
  • low
  • moderately

SoilPotting Mix
Scientific NameRhipsalis Baccifera
Growth CycleEvergreen
Habit TypeCacti and Succulents
Flower ColorWhite
AromaNot Scented
Growth RateFast
Habitatthe Tropical Forests Of the New World (south and Central America, West Indies) and the Old World (africa, Madagascar, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka).

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