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Scientific Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis
Known as a symbol of remembrance and friendship, rosemary fills a garden with aroma, flavor, and activity.
-Max. Height: 2 m
-Max. Width: 150 cm

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Sunlight: Full sun
Water: Low
Soil: Loam, Sand
Growth Rate: Medium
Flowering Period: Spring, Winter
Flower Color: White, Blue, Lavender
Flower Scent: Fragrant
Fruit Color: Brown
Fruit Scent: Fragrant
Foliage Scent: Fragrant
Country of Origin: Mediterranean area
Habit: Perennial
Gardening Tips: In the winter, rosemary plants grow much more slowly and need less water than they do in the summer.

Health Benefits:
It does not only tastes good in culinary dishes such as rosemary chicken and lamb, but it is also a good source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. Rosemary is memory booster it improves memory and helps to increase intelligence and focus. It also improves mood, clears the mind, and relieves stress. It plays a great role in strengthening the immune system. It is also a powerful material against bacterial infections particularly those in the stomach. H. pylori bacteria is a common and very dangerous pathogen that can cause stomach ulcers, but rosemary has been shown to prevent its growth when consumed. Similarly, it is linked to preventing Staph infections, which kill thousands of people each year. Rosemary has traditionally been used by dozens of cultures as a natural remedy for upset stomachs, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and everything in between. Its anti-inflammatory and stimulant effects are largely the cause of these effects, so adding it to your weekly diet can quickly help you regulate your bowel movements and your gastrointestinal system. As a natural antibacterial agent, rosemary works as a wonderful breath freshener that also improves your oral health. Steep rosemary leaves in a glass of hot water and then gargle or swish the water in your mouth to eliminate bacteria and give you naturally fresh and clean breath all night. It also stimulates the blood flow and boosts the production of red blood cells this helps to oxygenate vital organ systems and areas of the body, ensuring that the metabolic activities in those areas are running smoothly. As an analgesic substance, rosemary has been topically applied in a paste or salve for hundreds of years to the affected area of the pain. When consumed orally, it acts as a pain reliever for harder to reach spots, such as headaches and pain from a condition. In fact, one of the most popular uses of rosemary is for the treatment of migraines. Applying a decoction to the temples, or simply smelling the aroma of rosemary has been linked to reducing the severity of migraine symptoms. It also reduces inflammation of muscles, blood vessels, and joints. This makes it an effective treatment for many things, including blood pressure, gout, arthritis, and injuries sustained during physical exertion or surgery. It is effective in oral or topical form for these anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, the reduction in inflammation in the cardiovascular system can help to boost heart health and prevent atherosclerosis from appearing. it can help flush out toxins very efficiently. the leaves of rosemary also effect the skin internally or topically, and has been shown to improve the youthful quality of the skin, while also healing blemishes and increasing the natural shine and hydrated appearance of your body’s largest organ.

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