scarlet star (guzmania)


Scarlet Star or Vase plant is a bromeliad that  needs bright, but indirect light and warm temperatures to grow well, The green leaves, sometimes with dark crossbands, form a funnel-shaped rosette. The flower stem is usually shorter than the leaves. The flowerhead is globular with up to 50 flowers with white petals nestling in a bed of large red to pink bracts. The flowers often last 2 to 4 months.
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  • indirect sunlight
  • low
  • frequently

Scientific NameGuzmania Lingulata
Growth CycleEvergreen
Habit TypeFlowers
Flower ColorYellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Green
AromaNot Scented
Growth RateSlow
HabitatTropical Forests Of South America, Central America and the West Indies

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