Ideas for plant gifts

Ideas for plant gifts
March 13, 2022 Nour ElShall

Plant gift shopping has never been easier! In this article you will find our seven most symbolic and easy to care plants to gift to your favorite people. 

You can never go wrong with those plants, even if they are not on their gift list.


Peace Lily

peace lily

The Peace Lily is a real beauty. It is known to symbolise peace and tranquility, also their beautiful seasonal flowers are often seen as a sign of truce, symbolic for waving a white flag. 

The Peace Lily is a fairly simple plant to maintain. It thrives in bright indirect light but can also tolerate medium light conditions, which makes it a great houseplant. 

Price starts from EGP 225


Lucky Bamboo




Whether it is in a pot or a vase, Lucky bamboo will definitely catch your eyes!. These curly long stalks are admired and appreciated around the world specially in Asia, where it is considered a sacred plant. 

This plant will make a perfect gift for your loved ones as it said that it brings luck and happiness  to those who own it. It will live happily in bright indirect light. 

For EGP 72 per stalk.


Zanzibar Gem 

The Zanzibar Gem is not only known for its unique foliage, but also for its very resilient nature! 

This plant shines, literally! Its waxy oval shaped leaves will definitely impress your loved ones, it also requires very minimal care and can adapt to almost all light conditions, which makes it the perfect house gift.

Price starts from EGP 115


English Ivy 

Hanging English Ivy

If you are looking to gift a free hassle hanging plant, the English Ivy is definitely the one for you. It symbolizes fidelity and long life as it stays green all year round. 

English Ivy grows in almost all light conditions and requires minimal care, which makes it a great gift and a lovely houseplant. 

For EGP 115. 



Anthurium in curvy pot.

Anthurium is a lovely plant that spreads joy and happiness wherever they go. It is also easy to maintain and care for. They are known as a symbol of love and hospitality due to their open red- shaped brackets. 

For a happy blooming, place the plant in bright indirect light. 

For EGP 365


Sweetheart Philodendron 

Hanging Sweetheart Philodendron

This plant is a literal sweetheart! It got its name from its heart shaped leaves that give a lot of loving energy. 

The sweetheart Philodendron makes the perfect gift for your loved ones! It symbolises love, health and abundance. It thrives in bright indirect light and requires very minimal care.

Price starts from EGP 116



Snake Plant 

Snake plant 20cm pot

The Snake plant is your perfect strong and resilient plant, It actually thrives on neglect and can tolerate all light conditions. Not only is the Snake plant a great air purifier, but it also symbolises good luck and persistence. 

Price starts from EGP 289


Still not sure?

Why not purchase our gift vouchers and have them choose from our selection of plants.

Our vouchers start at EGP 200. Full terms and conditions can be found on the voucher link pages.


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Now that you are all set ! you get to enjoy a hassle free gift shopping and still surprise your loved ones with new green friends.