NPK Fertilizer 19:19:19 `El Korma`

npk fertilizer 19:19:19 `el korma`



- Total Nitrogen min. (in weight): 19.0%

- Water Soluble Phosphates (as P2O5) min (in weight): 19.0%

- Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) min (in weight): 19.0%
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Product Description

Agri Gold Fert NPK 19:19:19 is a complete water soluble, ideal fertilizer which provides all major macronutrients N-P-K in a balanced ratio to the plants through foliar spray or fertigation at the time of maximum requirement with the lowest losses. Sampoorti N P K 19:19:19 can fulfill any deficiency of one or all three major plant nutrients and minimizes the cost on basal fertilizers. Agri Gold Fert NPK 19:19:19 increases net returns, lowers the cost of production per unit crop yield, minimizes the chemical load on the environment. - Best suitable fertilizer to meet out the hidden deficiencies of all major elements. - Promotes the rate of tillering, branching, flowering and increases the yield. - Ensures timely maturity.

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